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[ General Director Anna Batalina ]
Ms.Ing. Anna Batalina
Company owner

Office hours
Monday till Saturday
9.00 - 18.00 h.
If needed
24/7 call us
+31 6 25545807  RU, NL, EN.
+31 6 54674468  NL, DE, EN.

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PO Manager

[ Dr.Dipl.Ing. Ben van Brakel ]

Dr.Dipl.Ing. Ben v. Brakel
European Union, Delft.

[ Mr. Eduard Batalin ]

Mr. Eduard Batalin
Ukraine, Berdyansk.



Welcome at ANBENNA NL/UA.

    ANBENNA NL/UA is a business contact- and intermediar agency with a world wide network of suplliers for new and secondhand items such as: 

VansMini Buses, Touringcars and Coaches, City buses, Inter-liners, and VIP Buses, Trucks, Tractor units, Trailers and Semi-trailes of all kind, Road-building machines, Construction and building equipment, Logistic equipment and Port equipment, Vessels and Floating-cranes, Agricultural machineries, Dairy equipment, Farmer tools, Farm animals, Industrial machineries, Medical equipment, Laboratory equipment and much more.

Raw materials, and Bio-energy products are also among the opportunities!

  We also establish contacts between investors and developers, on local, provincial and government level, in the European Union and the Russian speaking countries. Take a look at our Project page.

  We represent both, buyer and providers, of the above mentioned products and goods. We bring them directly in contact with each other. If required, on request, we will prepare technical translations, travel and transport documents, take care of the transportation of good, vehicles or vessels, make hotel and travel reservations for you. And if necesary, under strict conditions, we send you a invitation letter to obtain a business-visa.

  We speak Russian, English, German and Dutch, we have very good contacts in the Ukraine, Belerus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Moldova.  Since 2005 ANBENNA maintains reliable contacts and business relationships in those countries.

  ANBENNA NL/UA have offices in Delft, the Netherlands and Berdyansk, Ukraine. We will be happy to serve and assist you with the purchase or sale of the offerd or requested products or goods.

We always will be for you the most trusted source of appeal.

Register as Partner and find out the special benefits we can offer to you.
Your information is confidential and will be NOT passed on to third parties.

This Site is still experimental and under construction.

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